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Nathan "Fuzzy Nate"

Fuzzy Nate's was opened as a single chair barber shop in 2015. The owner Nathan Busch had had enough working in corporate America as a respiratory therapist for 15 years and wanted out. That’s when the idea to create a space that’s more represented of real people was created. A small one chair shop connected to a motorcycle shop (Salt City Builds) in Salt Lake City was opened. The concept was simple, remove the pressure, hype and bullshit of the salon and just offer okay haircuts at a decent price in a comfortable environment. The phrase “Salt lakes most Okayest” and “Keep your standards low” formed organically after witnessing businesses all over the country falsely selling themselves to customers as being the Best, Nicest, Cleanest ……. JUST BE REAL! We're by no means the best, we're us and that’s good enough! Since opening, the shop has grown to host numerous barbers and hundreds of clientele and has evolved into a brand based on humor and a don’t take life too seriously mentality. Cheers to everyone who supports us, you’re family!

Samantha "Bronco"

A Texan living in Utah! Having started in a salon setting, she enjoys cuts of all types. Naturally curious she is always looking for ways to grow and push herself in cutting and barbering. She loves music, motorcycles, and spending time outdoors.


I’m Brittney, and excited to meet you all! I’ve been behind the chair for 13 years and specializing in men’s hair for 7. I love what I do, it’s very fulfilling to me.

I’m from California, lived in Arizona for quite a few years, and recently moved to Salt Lake in 2022. I’m really looking forward to continuing my career and growing here at Fuzzy Nate’s!


I’m Parker and I’ve been a barber since 2015! From the very first time I stepped into a barber shop, I knew I wanted to be a barber. I switched around jobs a bit, but since barbering is the only gosh darn thing I’m good at, I kept coming back and ended up here at Fuzzy Nate’s. I enjoy the atmosphere and making people look and feel their best. I’m always looking to learn new things to become better at what I do.

When I’m not cutting hair, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, being on the golf course, and trying to live my honkey tonk dream. Come on in for a pretty okay conversation and a pretty okay haircut!


I'm a native of Central Oregon, and I enjoy film photography, fly fishing, and exploring all that nature has to offer. Where passion and career collide, I chose barbering as a means to avoid getting lost in the typical 9-5. Barbering allows me to continue to push my creativity and provide a service that has a positive impact on the lives around me. I describe myself as a laid-back guy who is down to earth and easy to converse with.


Hey there, I'm Victor, a barber originally from Mexico. I've been honing my craft since 2013, sculpting hair with precision and care. What I love most about being a barber is the opportunity to connect with my clients, learning about their lives while making them look their best.

Staying ahead of the curve in fashion and trends is crucial to me, so I'm always seeking out the latest styles and techniques to keep my skills razor-sharp. When I'm not busy behind the chair, you'll often find me hitting the gym, passionate about bodybuilding and staying fit. And of course, nothing beats spending quality time with my family—they're my rock and my biggest supporters.


I started barbering as a leap of faith, knowing I like working with my hands and talking to people, I figured I'd try it. And now I'm in love. Taking anything from fades to slick backs, to just getting it off the ears. I put care into each and every cut. Also I like shredding the guitar so let's jam if you want.